Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Challenge

Clearly Rachel Maddow does not enjoy putting herself to the challenge! What do I mean about that? Well, whether you're a serious, moderate, or casual observer, of her new show, on MSNBC, which by the way, is in the tank for Obama/Biden, you will notice, unless you're seriously stupid, that she does not bring guests on, who may have the audacity to challenge her views or opinions.
Rachel's formula is to bring on guests, that will fall lock step, with her views, and will serve to enforce her views. So, one may realistically assume, that Ms. Maddow, is lacking self confidence, and contrary to what she would have you think, Ms. Maddow is close minded.
Close mindedness, as many of us know, is what liberals label conservatives. Well, Ms. Maddow, by not presenting both sides of the story, you have exposed yourself, as an insecure, close minded, mis-informed dunce.

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